Terms & Conditions

All orders require a nonrefundable 25% deposit that must be paid within 48 hours of receiving the purchase order. Deposits exclude orders that are made online. Orders placed through our website will require a payment made in full. Because our typical turnaround time is less than one month, and furniture is started on immediately after the deposit is paid, the deposit amount is non-refundable for any orders canceled after the deposit has been made. We reserve the right to cancel your order at any time. If we elect to cancel your order, you will receive full refund of any amount paid toward your original purchase.

Turnaround time is based on our current schedule. Once your delivery date is set, your furniture will be delivered on that date unless the delivery scheduled is affected by unforeseen circumstances such as poor weather conditions. If you are scheduled for pick up, we prefer that you pick up on the scheduled pick up date. Due to very limited storage space, any furniture left for more than one week after the scheduled pick up date will either need to be delivered (client will be charged the standard delivery fee) or charged 5% the total price per week we have to store it.  If, after one month, the client still has not gotten his/her furniture, the deposit will be forfeited and we reserve the right to list it for sale.

It is the responsibility of our clients to review all estimates and purchase orders to make certain that all the information listed pertaining to your order is correct. This information includes dimensions, table top style, type of legs and other options available. Unless requested and noted by your purchase order, your items will be built to our standard specifications. We do allow paint and stain colors to be submitted up to two weeks prior to pick up/delivery.

If you decide to change the dimensions on any piece of your order, we can’t guarantee that we can accommodate the changes. If we are able to accommodate the changes or not depends on whether that specific piece has been built. If it has been built, you will be charged the cost of  materials plus labor for the work already done on the original piece. If you do not receive an updated purchase order with the changes added, it means we, for whatever reason, did not receive your request. All change requests must be made in writing and may require an additional deposit.

If the client decides to pick up the furniture rather than have it delivered, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure the furniture is protected during transport. If you decide to pick up your furniture, please bring plenty of blankets or other padding.  We prefer that you transport your furniture in an enclosed vehicle.  If you choose to transport it in an open truck or trailer, please bring a plastic tarp to cover it along with the blankets. Any damage resulting from the client transporting is the client’s responsibility.

It is the client’s responsibility to inspect all furniture on delivery or pick up. Final payment is due at this time and by paying the final amount the client is stating that they are satisfied with the furniture they received. If you are outside our 6 hour delivery range, we require you to pay in full balance before your furniture is shipped. The delivery driver has no way of getting a check or credit card payment to us.

ALL SALES ON CUSTOM ORDERS ARE FINAL. Refunds are only issued if there is a defect in our product or if we made a mistake in the details of the order. Please review our refund policy for more information.