Delivery & Shipping

    • If you live anywhere in the US, except for Alaska and Hawaii, we can deliver furniture to you!
    • If you live within 6 hours of Opelika, Alabama, you are considered a local delivery, and we will have our contracted delivery company deliver your furniture to you. (see chart below for pricing)
    • If you live farther than 6 hours away, we will ship your furniture to you using an independent company.  Rates vary based on location.  Please contact us for an estimated quote within $200. Exact pickup and delivery dates are subject to change using an independent company.

Local Delivery Fees

The fees listed below are flat rate fees and are for clients who live within 6 hours of our shop in Opelika, AL. Since they are flat rate fees, the rates stay the same regardless of the amount ordered and won’t increase if you order more furniture! However, these are single-driver deliveries. The delivery driver may need assistance unloading the product from his truck or trailer. If you purchase the set up fee, but are not able to have someone help the driver, then the set up fee will be removed from your total amount and the furniture will just be delivered. The fees listed below are shipping only. If you need assistance placing your furniture into your home, then our local delivery contractor can assist you. Additional set up fees are required. See rates below for set up assistance.

     Local Deliveries (Auburn/Opelika area): $100

     1 hour away from Opelika, AL:  $125

     2 hours away from Opelika, AL:  $175

     3 hours away from Opelika, AL:  $225

     4 hours away from Opelika, AL:  $300

     5 hours away from Opelika, AL: $375

     6 hours away from Opelika, AL: $450

     Large item set up fee (table, bed, dresser, buffet): $50

     Small item set up fee (bench, end table, console table, coffee table) $25